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 mokhafafe kalamat dar chat

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Posts : 61
Join date : 2011-08-09
Age : 33
Location : teh

PostSubject: mokhafafe kalamat dar chat   Sun Aug 21, 2011 4:34 pm

DC (Disconnect) ghate ertebat ba internet
C (see) didan , mibinamet
UR (your) baraye shoma
2 (too) hamchenin
4 (for) baraye
BRB (be right back) zod barmigardam
H&K (hug and kiss) dar aghosh gereftan va bosidan
IOU (i owe you) be shoma madyonam
ATB (all the best) hamechi aliye
DL (download) bargozari
GG (good game) bazi khobie
GI (good job) kar khobie
GL (good luck) movafagh bashid
YW (you're welcome) ghabeli nadasht
WB (welcome back) khosh amadi
K (ok) khobe,bashe
LTR (later) badan
SRY (sorry) motaasefam
BBS (be back soon) zod baz migardam
BBL (be back later) badan baz migardam
VIP (very imprtant person) adame kheyli mohem
LTNS (long time no see) kheli vaghte nadidamet
MSG (message) peygham
W (with) ba
W8 (wait) sabr kon
wo (without) bedone chizi
KIT (keep in touch) moragheb bash
F2F (face to face) ro dar ro
HT (hi there) salam
HRU? (how are you) halet chetore?
poof (has left the chat) chat ra tark karde
AFALK (as for as know) ta onjaei ke man midonam
ASAP (as soon as possible) be zodi
OMG (oh my god) ah khodaye man
BTW (by the way) rasti
JK (just kidding) shokhi mikonam
EG (evil grin) khande sheytani
BEG (big evil grin) khandeye shadid sheytani
L (laugh) khande
LOL (laugh out load) khandidan ba sedaye boland
S (smile) labkhand
Rofl (rolling on flooR laughing) az khande roye zamin khandidan
FC (fingers crossed) doa kardan
WBS (write back soon) zod javab bede
DWB (don't write back) javab nade
TTFN (ta ta for now) felan khodahafez
BBN (bye bye noe) khodahafez
B (born) motavaled
Xmas (christmas) kirismas
PA (per anmun) harsale
TU,TY (thank you) motshakeram
K2UL8R (talk to you later) badan behet migam
LULAB (love you like brother) mesle dadasham doset daram
LULAS (love you like sister) mesle khaharam doset daram
LTM (laugh to my self) be khodam mikhandam
M or f?(male or female) agha ya khanom hastid?
TNX (thanks) mamnonam
NP (no problem) moshgeli nist
B4N (bye for now) felan khodahafez
ASL (age,sex,location) sen,jensiat,mahale zendegi
sUL (see you later) badan mibinamet
CU (see you) mibinamet
EOM (end of message) entehaye payam
mer30 (mer30) mersi
ILU (ilove you) doset daram
IC (i see) fahmidam
U? (you) shoma
PLZ (please) lotfan
R (are) hastid
@sa saat
M (male) agha
F (female) khanom
ME2 (me too) manam hamintor
GF (girl friend) dost dokhtar
BF (boye friend) dost pesar
OTOH (on the other hand) az tarafe digar
EMSG (email message) peygham electrici
LAE (In any event) dar har sorat
OIC (oh i see) ah fahmidam
LYF (love you forever) baraye hamishe doset daram
IMO (in my oponion) be nazare man
FYI (for your information) jahate etelae to
PM (private message) peygham khososi
KOC (kiss on cheek) bose bar gone
K (kiss) bose
H (hug) dar aghosh gereftan)
BB (be back) baz migardam
TOY (thinking of you) be fekre to hastam
TNT (till next time) ta dafeye baad
SYS (see you soon) be zodi mibinamet
S (soon) be zodi
GFN (gone for now) felan miravam
GTSY (glad to see you) az didanet khoshhal shodam
n2cu (nice to see you) az didanet khoshhal shodam
AFK (away from keyboard) dor az safe kelid hastam
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mokhafafe kalamat dar chat
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